559 State St. Racine, WI 53402
(262) 634-9280

Club Management

Management of the club is overseen by the Officers and a Board of Directors consisting of elected officers from the general membership. The Club is a not for profit organization.

Contact information below or call HLYC at 262-634-9280 .


Commodore: Ken Gall

Vice Commodore: Scott Floyd

Rear Commodore:  Mike Rossman

Secretary: Cindy Knapp-Finley

Treasurer:  Heidi Kappa

Asst. Treasurer: Heidi Kappa



Club Manager:  Diane Rauch

Frank Bisotti

Dave Jaeck

Laurie Merlo

Brooke Smith

Jenni Floyd

Mia Barbeau

Tina Geisler

Jamie Eickhorst


Galley Staff: Tina Christensen







Dwight Geisler

Craig Harris

Herb Katt

Bill Linnenkohl

Fawn Lipke

Jim Moes

Mike Rossman





Committee Chairmen

Fleet/Port Captain: Mike Rossman

Membership: Cindy Knapp-Finley, Diane Rauch

House: Mike Rossman

Docks & Grounds: Mike Rossman

Music Entertainment: Diane Rauch

Auditing & Finance: Darlene Lotz

Judge Advocate: Jackie Moes

Beacon Editor: